Compact. Maneuverable. Economical

If your facility is operating with a tight budget, but won’t compromise when it comes to mobile imaging performance, here’s the solution for you. The DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, powered by DRX Core Detector,* offers an advanced feature set that makes it easy to take high-quality images right at the bedside – helping improve patient care while you boost your productivity.



A revolutionary imaging system that drives like a dream.

The tight and cluttered spaces of the ICU, ER and OR are no match for the mobility of the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution.

  • So easy to maneuver, you can make a 360-degree turn effortlessly.
  • An automatic collapsible column shrinks the system to just over four feet tall, giving you complete visibility when moving the system to any location.
  • The powerful dual motor drive makes moving the system effortless—in forward or reverse.
  • A long tubehead reach gives you easy access to the patient in crowded rooms.

Touch-screen display enables prior image review, technique changes and image acceptance or rejection


  1. Allows comparison with prior images, reducing retakes and helping ensure image quality.
  2. Dual-motor drive makes transport quick and easy – and it turns on a dime.
  3. Offers handy on-board storage for hand sanitizer, gloves, extra batteries, markers, bags and lockable storage for the detector.
  4. Small footprint makes the System an easy fit in ORs, ERs, ICUs and small patient rooms.
  5. Low-profile design and fully collapsible column give technologists a clear line of site in crowded hallways.
  6. Long tube-head reach and easy positioning speeds exams and boosts productivity.


DRX Revolution Mobile X-ray System powered by the DRX Core Detector - Workflow










Wireless Detectors:

Detectors that go and grow with you

At the heart of the DRX Family is the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector. The DRX Core detector delivers greater speed, easier handling and improved reliability.

DRX Revolution Mobile X-ray System powered by the DRX Core Detector

Carestream’s DRX detectors feature:

  • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Instant access to images to speed decisions on patient care.
  • A separate battery charger that allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged.

Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs:

  • DRX Core 3543 and 4343 for general radiology.
  • DRX Core 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications.

    DRX Core Detector Brochure